In Essence: Poetry into Art Sketchbooks

In Essence: Poetry into Art Sketchbooks and
Pocket Sketchbooks

I have been having a lot of fun designing and putting together my new poetry sketch books.

What are they all about, you may be asking?

Well, I love poetry and I really enjoy sketching in my own rather scrubby way, and I sort of doodled myself into this project. I was reading some Ted Hughes poetry – October Dawn – to be precise, when I found myself reading and sketching in a relaxed and playful way.

Picture of the 2 books in the series In Essence: Poetry into Art Sketchbooks
In Essence: Poetry into Art Sketchbooks

It felt good/different to combine these two activities and, what is more, at the end of the exercise, I felt oddly happy, at ease, content. I’ve done the exercise a few times since, with different poems, and each time,  it made me feel better,  at peace with myself. The long and the short of it is that I decided to put together a sketchbook for myself using some of my favourite poems, but soon enough the idea grew much bigger and I found myself making a series of poetry sketchbooks for print. Then I also decided to make it available in a small pocket-size version so that could carry it around with one for those inconvenient moments when inspiration likes to strike!.

I will eventually to put together a range of these poetry sketchbooks, using a theme as an organising principle. Themes like nature, the sea, war and conflict or love would draw in some glorious poems to use as inspiration for one’s drawings.

If you like poetry and drawing, then this is a great way to enjoy both. They are available for sale at Amazon and CreateSpace.

More about the In Essence: Poetry into Art Sketchbooks (from the back blurb!)

In Essence:Poetry into Art provides a way for you to immerse yourself in poetry and art. It is a sketchbook, but a sketchbook with a difference. In the first part are fifteen powerful poems, each with a page waiting for you to fill with a drawing, sketch, collage or watercolour. Each poem calls on you to savour it before it becomes the catalyst for your own creative response. In other words, the project asks you to enter into conversation creatively with each poem to enable it to spark a response from you, whatever form that response may take.

The second part is for your own choice of poems, those favourites which are meaningful and resonate with you, and perhaps a few newly discovered ones, too.

Poems by, among others, Shakespeare, Shelley, Blake, Mew, Yeats have been included because they resonate on many levels and thus provide for many possible responses, many sources of inspiration. 

More about the In Essence: Poetry into Art Pocket Sketchbooks (from the back blurb!)

This is the Pocket Edition of “In Essence: Poetry into Art – A Poetry Sketchbook” and is small enough for you to take everywhere with you, so that you can use it for preliminary sketches or for your actual sketches themselves.

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