Friday Film is where the movie boffs and buffs of our school congregate to mark the end of a long and often tedious week of lessons. Friday afternoons is when we make time to watch serious films made by serious film-makers. Our interest lies in films which have featured prominently over the years at Cannes, Venice and elsewhere; films that are cinematically excellent, with diverse and challenging subject-matter and, of course, exceptional performances by the actors. Of interest to us are learning to identify and discuss intelligently:

  • the various strategies adopted by the directors as they bring to life the work of the screenplay
  • the ways in which the camera approaches the subject-matter
  • interpretation of genre
  • the nature of the performance by the actors
  • the colour palette of a film
  • its use of sound
  • and much more.

Film, particularly the feature film, is our focus at the moment, although we also watch digitally recorded theatre productions by the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), The National Theatre, The Globe Theatre, The Almeida and others. It is to our policy encourage all students with an interest in film as a genre to give Friday Film a go but in the full knowledge that this is not the venue for populist Hollywood blockbusters. Those films really don’t remain upright when scrutinised for cinematic excellence. They crumble to rather futile dust!

Friday Film - Early film by veteran film-maker Ken Loach
Early film by veteran film-maker Ken Loach
Friday Film and Once Upon a Time in Anatolia Directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan
Directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan

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