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Sredni Vashtar by SAKI

Saki's wonderful short story Sredni Vashtar has been prepared in PDF form for you to download and read at your leisure.

The story is set in the years which span the end of Victoria's reign and that of her son Edward Vll. The clash of competing ideologies and lifestyles is finely captured by Saki in this story of a young boy's struggle to find self-expression and independence in a home ruled by an oppressive and controlling guardian, Mrs De Ropp,

If you happen to be studying the story for your AS/A-Levels or A2, then you may be interested in my study guide Saki's Sredni Vashtar: Detailed Notes for AS & A-Level Literature to help you with your analysis.

A Glossary of Literary Terms

This Glossary of Literary Terms will provide you with a fairly extensive list of literary terms that you can use in your Literature course, be it A-Level, A2 and even at undergraduate level.

Many terms you will be familiar with, but there will be others that are new to you. The list is helpful in the sense that it will alert you to particular language constructions that you had no idea were in fact accepted literary forms.
The rule I give my students is to name and describe some of the more obscure tropes and figures of speech only if their effect is a dominant one in a text as a whole or in an extract that they may be analysing. Examiners and markers can become frustrated if you use these terms loosely so be absolutely sure of yourself before you incorporate them into an analysis.

Leverage Your Talent & Flourish

Analysing a Literary Text: Leverage Your Talent & Flourish is a  pro-active method to help you excel at Literary Studies.This mini study guide outlines systematically how to go about a detailed analysis of a literary text. It shows you how to look at both the ideas in the text and the form in which those ideas are expressed. Whether you are busy with your AS or A-Levels or A2 studies or are simply keen to improve your close reading skills then this booklet will provide you with some concrete guidance.

I hope you will find Analysing a Literary Text:Leverage Your Talent and Flourish informative and helpful. Please leave a comment below or pass on this information to your friends who may also benefit from using this method of critical analysis.