Study Guides for A-Level Literature


Sorry! The BOOK SALE is OVER!
But the links below will take you to Amazon if you want to buy copies.

Just a quick note to say that my study guides for A-Level Literature and AS Literature are on sale at
Amazon Kindle for the next 3 days: 17th May – 20th May 2016!

The A* Way Series study guides are participating in Amazon Kindle’s Countdown Dea ls programme. The starting price for each of the Study Guides (except “A Close Reading of Heaney’s Poet to Blacksmith” )is 0.99 for the first day, then the prices rise incrementally each day for the duration of the Deal after which the prices return to the pre-sale price.

So, now is the time to buy you copy of:

Seamus Heaney’s The Turnip-Snedder: Detailed Notes for A-Level Literature by Rosemary O’Leary (Kindle edition) 2014

Analysing a Literary Text the A*Way, Rosemary O’Leary (Kindle edition) 2015

Saki’s Sredni Vashtar: Detailed Notes for AS & A-Level Literature, Rosemary O’Leary (Kindle edition) 2015

Janet Frame’s The Bath: Detailed Notes for A-Level Literature, Rosemary O’Leary, (KIndle edition) 2015


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