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Literature Exam Essay Guidelines

In this blog we will explore: LITERATURE EXAM ESSAY GUIDELINES  Personal response Once, essays were expected to be impersonal, with phrases like: ‘It can be seen’ .or ‘It should be recognised that …’. This form of writing is no longer expected, but giving your views are. You will not get credit for quoting second-hand opinions. Do not avoid reading literary critics because they help deepen your response to literature. Use what you find helpful and ignore what doesn’t fit in with your own analysis of the text. Examiners really do not want to read the opinions of a literary critic in an exam essay, they want to read your response to it. Thus absorb and internalise the most useful ideas of the critics, but do not quote them. Consistency of style and response is important. There is a temptation to copy others’ phrases. Such borrowings will stand out, because they…

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